Customs clearance services

We organise customs clearance in export, import and transit. In both, Polish and German ports, with the possibility of using fiscal clearance and simplified procedures which allow our clients to pay the amount of tax due on the basis of import of goods in the tax return for the period during which the tax liability was declared on the basis of import of these goods.

We ensure honesty and reliability of all orders we carry out, attractive prices and quick completion of orders. We represent our clients in dealing with customs authorities and in case of borders control for goods subject to control:

  • quality control - Wojewódzki Inspektorat Jakości Handlowej Artykułów Rolno-Spożywczych,
  • phytosanitary control - Wojewódzki Inspektorat Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa,
  • sanitary control - Graniczna Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna,
  • veterinary control - Inspekcja Weterynaryjna - Graniczny Inspektorat Weterynarii.

We also offer advice on all queries about customs services.

Our clients can count on us to successfully settle all matters and obtain necessary information concerning the trade of goods in the foreign country.

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